We could talk about SEO all day. It's easy to understand how to do safe, long-term SEO, if you think about what drives Google.

As a wise person once said: "Follow the money!".

Google derives 98% of its revenue for putting ads against search results.

Most people don't realise that traditional SEO companies are actually at war with Google. They're trying to trick the search engine algorithm to display their client's results higher than they deserve to be. Google doesn't like this, because it has a negative impact on the trust that people have for Google search results. It could cause ad revenue to drop, and they'll protect that at all cost.

The key to success with Google is high quality, valuable content that helps users (and hopefully converts them as well!), and a website with a strong technical underpinning that gives Google the non-content signals it expects:

  • Speed
  • Clear information with structured data wherever possible
  • Well coded site structure
  • Sitemaps
  • Proper use of meta tags and titles

All of these things working in concert help your site rank better against its competitors.

But the key is always the same: make it work brilliantly for users and Google will follow!