There's a lot of great ways to advertise these days.

Whether it's Facebook ads with a great demographic profile and super-engaged audience, or remarketing to people you know are interested in your product, paid ads can bring you more business than you know what to do with...

But there's a danger in that as well. Unless campaigns are carefully managed and combined with rigorous analytics, you run the risk of wasting your time and money - and these campaigns can get expensive quickly if you're not careful.

We'll always hasten slowly when it comes to spending your advertising fund!

eCommerce is both unique and utterly predictable.

There are a range of factors that contribute to the success of any online sales platform, whether they're selling just a few digital products or shipping high-end consumer electronics all over the world. Those are two extremes, but they also represent the types of customers we've helped with ecommerce success.

There's a few critical points that will contribute to the success of your store:

  1. Do you have a product people want?
  2. Have you marketed it effectively?
  3. Can people easily navigate to products and easily get to the checkout?
  4. Is your checkout process intuitive, fast and easy?
  5. Are you tracking every action your customers make and improving the customer journey based on that data?

It doesn't really matter which platform we use to make your online business a success, provided we can implement the last 3 points above!

Social media is everywhere these days, and your business needs to be a part of it.

Businesses have always popped up where consumers spend a lot of their time - that's why central business districts coalesce into centres of commerce; because lots of people spend a lot of time there.

People also spend a lot of time on social media and your business needs to be there to catch them.

But finding the right playing field for your business is equally critical.

Not all businesses are made for Facebook. Instagram is a black art for some, a goldmine for others.

And all the while you need to be putting your best foot forward.

We can help manage your social presence, and give you the peace of mind that your business isn't missing out on this critical market.

Let's face it, most websites are terrible.

A website has one job to do - bring you more customers. Sure, it needs to represent your brand and communicate a consistent message, but at the end of the day, it's there to get you more leads, more sales, more contacts.

How to do that isn't tricky, you just need to put yourself in the mindset of the user.

Think about it for a moment. You like fast websites that clearly communicate the products/services they provide, that look up-to-date and make it easy to do what you need to do.

You're not the only one who likes that. Your customers like it and Google likes it.

We're here to ensure that's what you give them.

Results-driven websites

These days your website is your business... or at least its main marketing channel. You absolutely need to understand the 'health' of your website and its traffic.

By investing in proper reporting and analytics, you'll know exactly what people are doing on your site - and how to get them to do more of the things you want them to do.

Fine-tuning your site based on analytics is low-hanging fruit; do it right and its almost guaranteed you'll get better results than you are now.

Only good content is king

We've all been told that content is king, but the hard truth is that only good content truly rules the roost. Many web builders and SEO businesses treat content development like an algorithm. The reality is that Google gets its signals from user behaviour - if users like, share, read, and link to content, that signals to Google that's it's of high value.

By making your content interesting (in its narrative, value, visuals and call-to-action) you create content that users will love and that will make Google love you!

Unless you're looking at the data, your website is flying blind.

That's the problem with the way most websites are delivered. Once it's launched, that's the end of the story... until a few years later when another designer is commissioned to redevelop the site because it's just not working.

Just slapping a fresh coat of paint on your web presence doesn't make it sell any better.

The only way you can improve on your site's ability to make your business money is if you look at the data.

It's often extremely clear from analytics why you're losing users, but even when it isn't good data allows us to develop ideas for improvement, then test them.

It's hard to get more traffic, you should make more money from the traffic you're already getting!

Content management systems make your life easier.

You don't need to know how to code, you don't need to know how to build a website. If you've ever used Word, then you're already familiar with how to keep your site up to date.

Business is always changing. Whether it's customers' changing expectations or disruptive technology that's impacting on how you do business, you need to be able to communicate effectively with your customers.

With a CMS, that's one less challenge to worry about.

We build our websites on one of the world's best content management systems. More flexible than Wordpress, easier to use than Drupal and more sophisticated than Squarespace, we'll build you a site that will serve you for years to come.

It's SEO optimised out of the box, fast, stable and secure.

Whether you need a blog, eCommerce, forums or just to be able to get your message out to the world, KISS Website Builder will Keep it Stupidly Simple.

We could talk about SEO all day. It's easy to understand how to do safe, long-term SEO, if you think about what drives Google.

As a wise person once said: "Follow the money!".

Google derives 98% of its revenue for putting ads against search results.

Most people don't realise that traditional SEO companies are actually at war with Google. They're trying to trick the search engine algorithm to display their client's results higher than they deserve to be. Google doesn't like this, because it has a negative impact on the trust that people have for Google search results. It could cause ad revenue to drop, and they'll protect that at all cost.

The key to success with Google is high quality, valuable content that helps users (and hopefully converts them as well!), and a website with a strong technical underpinning that gives Google the non-content signals it expects:

  • Speed
  • Clear information with structured data wherever possible
  • Well coded site structure
  • Sitemaps
  • Proper use of meta tags and titles

All of these things working in concert help your site rank better against its competitors.

But the key is always the same: make it work brilliantly for users and Google will follow!